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Sheds Unlimited Inc of Lancaster, PA has announced a discount on all in-stock wooden barns and garden sheds through the end of September.
Amish barns and outbuildings manufacturer, Sheds Unlimited INC of Gap, PA combines internet marketing along with with new products and a great team to create another year of robust growth in 2012. Amish barns and outbuildings manufacturer, Sheds Unlimited INC of Gap, PA has reported that 2012 revenue sheets show another year of solid growth in shed and garage sales. Barns and outbuilding sales have increased in the double digits for most of the past five years.

By applying the Amish ethics of persistence, innovation and quality products, Sheds Unlimited INC has managed to grow their family owned and operated corporation during the toughest times of the United States economy. Growth in the past years has taken a lot of effort, say the Sheds Unlimited INC managers, but with the help of a creative management and design team, robust internet marketing and new Amish outbuilding products, the business has thrived. All wooden storage sheds, wooden farm tool sheds, wooden bicycle sheds, vinyl storage sheds and two story wooden buildings are now available at discounted prices and include great deals on all wooden sheds and garages in-stock. Sales in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, MD, VA, and WV slowly increased as the website continued to expand.

With the website up and running it was only a short time before calls and sales increased substantially.

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