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After searching the local Home Depot and Lowes as well as some other local shed places found this to be the best value. Please note that these videos are meant to provide general information for this product and have been created by individuals that have owned or used this shed. However, as our cost to do so is very high, Canadian customers are frequently able to get the product across the border cheaper than we can. To help you prepare for this delivery to make sure you have sufficient help, below are the shipping dimensions and weights for the 6446 shed. After 9 hours of careful reading of insulation instructions the shed looks great in our back yard. Sturdy shed once put together, hopefully the material its made out of will handle tree branches that fall, not quite sure but time will tell and we have a few 100 foot Oak Trees.

The neighbors kept telling me how good the shed was looking as we were putting it together. Shipping costs on the shed is noted in the "Check Ship Rates" link at the top of the listing. The terminal can hold on to the item longer than that as well, but they will begin charging storage fees to the customer after 7 days of the product sitting at the delivery terminal.
Lifetime Sheds Are Low Maintenance - No need to worry about a metal shed rusting or painting a wood shed! Let it sit for a week, then this past weekend I built a redwood step for the end doorway, and a wide ramp for the long side. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed Features Superior Sturdy, Solid Steel-Reinforced Quality Construction - Lifetime has specialized for many years in high density plastics and metals--now they are bringing this expertise in quality to the outdoor market!

Weather Resistant, Environment Ready - Double-wall, steel-reinforced construction and steel roof trusses make the sheds structurally sound, so they will not buckle during storms, or dent during everyday use.
The skylight on the ridge of the roof make the extension kits not compatible with the 60056 storage shed.

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