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Slide each arm into its respective "T" fitting, stand your pole with the limbs attached into the base coupler and you are ready to hang your feeders on the hooks. You can try to add the ability to move the feeders around on a regular basis or add more as time goes on so you do not solder every joint. If you have squirrels who like to eat your suet or seed, try spraying the pole with non-stick spray or olive oil. These instructions will teach you how to construct a beautiful, functional, and adjustable pole on which to hang bird feeders and bird houses. The starting point is deciding how tall you want the structure so you will know how much pipe is needed. The pole does have some give at each joint and if you want to add a lot of limbs you may find the structure flimsy.

You can have your hardware store cut the pipe for you which also makes transport easy and you could drill a hole through the coupler and pipe in the ground and attach the two using a bolt if needed.
This will make the pole slippery and make the rodents slip off the pole(if they get on in the first place) Petroleum jelly or Crisco works as well, just be sure that whatever you use it will not be harmful to the squirrels who may lick their feet after trying to climb the pole. The wood is used so you do not hit the pipe directly with the hammer which would bend the pipe. You can solder each joint to sturdy the pole if needed but with the limbs being high on the structure, usually, you should not have any issues. She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks.
From this point, you simply cut the main pipe at the height you want the first limb and attach a "T" fitting so you have the ability to add another pipe perpendicular to the main pole.

A good idea is to find a way to secure the feeders in such a way that they could spin easily for a different look and could be removed for cleaning and filling.
Then add another length of pipe into the "T" fitting that will extend the main pole to the height of the second limb and repeat as desired.

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