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To do its job well, a firewood storage shed has to not only shelter your stacks of cordwood from the rain and snow coming from above and driven horizontally by strong winds, but do so in a way that allows the wood to dry out, a process known as seasoning. But before we dive into the materials and methods, first things first: Do NOT be tempted to season firewood in your garage or basement.
By the way, if you're reading Fine Homebuilding, then you know we care about design and aesthetics just as much as we care about strength and durability, so we encourage you to also make that firewood storage shed not only built well, but built beautiful.
UdyRegan writes: This is a very useful article coverage of firewood storage which can help to save a lot of money on wasted firewood if not stored properly. We haven't covered firewood storage specifically in the magazine, but many of the lessons we have shared in other articles are directly applicable to building an outdoor structure that will stand up to the elements.

The amount of moisture released as the firewood dries out can lead to serious indoor humidity and air-quality problems.
Workable and trustworthy fireword storage solutions are not aplenty that can be found from online sources, but this particular one seems credible enough. There are many solutions out there but not all of them help in proper sheltering or self-drying of the firewood pieces. A good firewood storage is really essential if you would like to prevent wastage of wood pieces that could go bad due to mould as a result of prolonged dampness and other related problems. Or, consider a method we used to build a garden shed a few years ago: using a combination of timberframe joinery and structural screws.

I agree the gaps should be tighter or even consider a staggered siding (like fencing), so rain cannot hit firewood.

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