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I realize that on the two walls that won't be aligned with the concrete pad that I have to be careful of water intrusion inside the shed. Set the brick under the perimeter of the shed [except for door] A course of brick and mortar should keep the water out. The brick idea might work, if you moved the shed forward, leaving the exposed slab toward the back instead of the front. Bear in mind that this materials list could vary considerably, depending on the materials you use and the dimensions of any shed you make. Give the entire underside a good couple of coats of the waterproof sealer to protect it against any damp. When driving in the nails to attach the cross-bracings, make sure you space them so that they don’t match the holes for the hinges’ attachment bolts. Attach it to the floor using the bolts; use bolts because the shed is only 250mm from the wall, and one can’t drive in nails to secure the rear wall to the floor. Keep the roof in place during rough winds by using four lengths of 22x69mm SA pine, attached as shown (the short bridging pieces are cut from excess 22x69mm) to the roof’s peak, and then the sides. Now it’s simply a case of clamping the roofing sheets in place and attaching them – along the lower roof beam (the one next to the wall – using either roofing nails with waterproof capping, or, as I did, drilling holes for 50mm stainless-steel screws. Shed final closed – The final result… not too big, but ideal for garden tools and other gardening bits and pieces. Shed final inside – Depending on the number of shelves you install, there is room for quite a lot of garden tools, sprays, mower, ladder and so on.
Waterproofing solutions are not always simple but with a little know-how and the right advice permanent fixes can be accomplished relatively easy and inexpensive.

Whether your intention is to dry out a damp basement, reduce radon levels, waterproof a brick chimney, prevent concrete dusting, or preserve the look of your outdoor concrete, our line of trusted, professional-grade penetrating concrete sealers will more than exceed your expectations! The chart and product information below will help you better understand how to select the proper penetrating sealer for your specific project.
Common Use: Bricks, brick walls, brick chimneys, porous brick veneer, pavers, porous stone, man-made stone, colored concrete, stamped concrete, pool decks, slump blocks, mexican pavers, outdoor concrete, CMUs, retaining walls, fiber-reinforced concrete. WATERPROOFS - Deep seals porous brick, mortar, and masonry waterproofing it against rain and surface water. CONRETE & BRICK PRIMER - Allows for use of paints or coatings like epoxy, urethane, acrylics (but not latex). Common Use: Porous building materials, concrete floors, patio pavers, concrete driveway, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, garage floors, properly prepared concrete countertops, statutes, concrete and brick walls. STRENGTH - The combination of RadonSeal and Ion-Bond provide the tightest waterproofing seal.
NO SURFACE FILM – concrete and brick sealers that will not change the appearance or profile of the substrate. DURABLE – waterproofing sealers that last for many years or for the life of the substrate. BREATHABLE – the smallest of pores remain open allowing concrete and brick to breathe.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. To build a cob wood shed you will a supply of clay rich soil and some form of fiber reinforcement.

The next step is to mix a handful of straw and some clay and water to make a test brick which you will test for strength.
The weight of shed + friction between the old and new concrete will keep it fast until earthquake hits.
Make sure the base is level and add shims if necessary, then place the floor on the bricks; again checking that it is absolutely level. For the past 18 years we have been dedicated to offering our customers unbiased expertise, unparalleled service and our professional-quality, ready to use, concrete sealers, brick sealers, and concrete repair products. Our waterproofing sealers are specifically formulated to be the heaviest and strongest concrete sealers in their class.
The RadonSeal® pro-line of long lasting, penetrating waterproofing sealers have an extensive and well proven history when quality and performance matter!
Ive talked to many different shed sales people they all suggest putting a wood floor on top of a 2x4 frame and that on top of skids. Now repeat all of this on the one sheet of exterior ply (which – just to confuse you – is actually the interior wall of the shed). Only polysiloxane based concrete sealer that waterproofs against both positive and negative side water pressure.

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