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Find more Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways: Big Ideas for Small Backyard Destinations information and reviews here. Pat Price has put together a great resource with tons of advice and information to help you choose, design and build a simple greenhouse or potting shed. Another great how-to book from David Stiles, this title is designed to help the do-it-yourself builder think through all of the steps of planning, purchasing materials, and constructing the perfect shed for their outdoor space, no matter how much room you have. Find more Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders information and reviews here. Top 5 Best Urban Gardening & Farming BooksThese urban gardening books prove that you don't have to live in the country to grow your own food, and it is easy to bring some green into city living. Shed the illusion that the building in your yard in which tools and backyard equipment are stored must be, by definition, a boring and ugly necessity. Now revised and expanded, SHEDS contains absolutely everything you need to know to design, build and enjoy the ultimate backyard shed. Award-winning designer David Stiles helps you think through the issues involved in shed design, such as use, size, cost, placement and "degree of difficulty." Following a chapter on construction basics, he guides you through each step of building a simple 8 x 10-foot shed -- from foundation to cupola and everything in between. This core chapter includes a materials list, step-by-step illustrated instructions and a daily labor schedule, as well as new information on timber framing and moving your shed to a different location. The book then presents several basic sheds, along with a number of more complex special-use sheds, including a basic 8 x 10 shed, 11 x 10 saltbox shed, irish garden shed, japanese boat shed, 9 x 10 storage shed on posts, and a 10 x 11 potting shed.
Packed with detailed illustrations, plans, commonsense advice and an inspiring selection of color photographs, SHEDS is like having a consultant at your side as you work.
Whether you are an average amateur builder or an ambitious expert, this book has something for you. Hello there, I’ve been meaning to send you some photos of one your shed designs I built a couple years ago and finally got around to it over these holidays.

My husband purchased your book: Sheds The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders and used many of the plans and techniques from it. This book was fantastic and I wanted to let all your readers know that even a little old Grandma can build a shed just like the ones pictured here. I have bought and read every book I cold find about designing and building small buildings.
They give you a place to store all of the stuff that inevitably starts to build up over the years including tools, equipment, pots, planting soil, seeds, and more. This book is great for someone who is in the planning stages and wants to be inspired by beautiful and innovative designs.
This book is filled top to bottom wit useful information, including everything from detailed plans and materials lists right down to the kinds of screws, nuts, bolts and tools to use in constructing each project. This book includes hundreds of gorgeous photographs of greenhouses and sheds, presenting clear choices and design features to help lead you through the difficult process of designing and selecting materials. It goes through intended use, size, cost, placement, experience level, and helps you put all of these factors together in a solid plan for your perfect storage shed.
As a total ‘Do-It-Yourselfer’, I used this book as a guide through the entire building process. Unfortunately, when buying a new shed you are limited by what is available in your price range. The book is based off of questions that Jean and David got from real-life readers on their website, Countryman Know How, so all of the information is incredibly practical to readers. This book is perfect for someone looking to build a really high quality shed or backyard building. Not only that, the book includes step-by-step photos and instructions for a number of projects, including photos of the whole process start-to-finish.

This book contains materials lists, cost estimates, step-by-step illustrations, tips, detailed instructions and schedules. Gardeners often get stuck with one of two options: something that is inexpensive and unattractive, or a nice looking shed that breaks the bank.
Their writing style is user-friendly, with detailed illustrations to show how to do each step. Many people turn to DIY solutions and end up building their own sheds so that they can customize them and make them fit in with their own personal style. Overall, this is a great book for inspiration but you will not find any DIY plans or instructions inside. Not only is this a great how-to book, it is full of beautiful photographs that can be used for general inspiration as well. If you are ready to build this book also has construction details, but not full architectural drawings and plans. These books are the best out there when it comes to DIY shed building instructions and inspiration, whether you are a seasoned builder or a complete newbie. You can use reclaimed or new materials, spend a lot of money or a little, and still end up with a great looking, functional shed to store all of your gardening tools and equipment.

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