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As for cost, it depends, of course, on the size of your shed and whether the wood has been donated.
One potential way in which you can create a solid, durable shed is to build one yourself from wooden pallets. But it’s a reasonable assumption to say you can build an 8-foot by 12-foot shed for less than ?100.

This has the advantage of being fairly easy to construct over a weekend, and it’s extremely cheap in comparison with prefabricated sheds. You will need to use a claw hammer and wooden mallet to de-construct the pallets into their component parts ready for use. Besides which, if you want to be self-sufficient, you should really be building your own shed - ideally from recycled materials! A Pallet Shed (pictured above during construction) as its name suggests is a shed built out of old wooden pallets.

Usually made of fairly good quality treated wood, they are absolutely ideal for building the main structure of a large long-life shed. Good quality pallets are used for the carcas of the shed to ensure good strength, and any weak or damaged pallets are broken up and the wood they contain used to fill in the gaps and provide weather protection.

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