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This loafing shed offers shelter, and protection to pastured horses from wind, rain, snow, and the summer sun. This frame kit is 10' x 10' or 12' x 12' and 8' high in the front sloping to 7' high at the back. All 10 x 10 or 12 x12 frame kits for sale, come designed and ready to bolt onto another 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 frame. If you aren't that good in drawing and calculating parts yourself you may want to download ready shed plans. This allows you to construct a 10 x 20, 12 x 24 or longer horse shed, as well as making it easy to expand to a larger size building at a later date. I recommend using galvanized sheet metal for roofs but any robust sheet metal will do the work.

If you shoose to build on concrete deck piers you may raise your shed on legs above the ground. Place the open ends of multiple frames facing each other with a four foot gap between them, cover the gap with a roof and have a barn with a four foot walk way down the middle. A good metal construction makes adding shelves easy because there are many places where you can attach them. It will give you cost saving ideas and warnings for the traps when buying ready steel shed. Also supplied are self tapping sheet metal screws to fasten down a metal roof, drilling for the sheet metal screws is required by you to fasten down the metal building roof material. Not always, but a well built one that doesn't rush will probably last longer than a wooden one.

Or you can build them yourself from scrap metal (especially if you have leftovers from the shed constructions) or scrap wood.
Easy to assemble, a 10' x 10' or 12' x 12' frame can be assembled in a little over one hour, with some simple hand tools.
Consider also the price of steel metal and you may end up with cheaper construction than a similar in size wooden shed.

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