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When your shed or other storage building no longer provides enough room, you can add additional storage if you add a lean-to onto a shed. Choose the materials that are suitable for your location and climate as well as materials that will match your existing building. The rafter nailers spanning between the posts on the eave side of your lean-to must be strong enough to support the load of multiple rafters. Nailers attached directly to the wall of the building onto which the lean-to is being added can be the same size lumber as the rafters themselves as long as the nailer is attached securely to the wall of your building.
Make sure to use code-required anchors such as hurricane anchors depending on your local building code. Measure the distance between the wall to which you will fasten the lean-to and the starting corner.
For an addition that will span the full length of the structure you are adding to, you can simply pull a string line across the end of your building, or even eyeball a starting point for your post. Use a line level or builder's level to mark a bench elevation (a reference grade) on each post.

If the nailer is not long enough to span the total length of your shed, make sure any joints are set against a post to ensure maximum bearing potential for the nailer. Fasten the nailer to the side of your existing building where you will attach the upper end of your rafters.
To attach a wooden nailer to a metal-sided building, use a self-drilling screw with sufficient threads to hold the nailer tightly. Starting at 1 end, measure the span you determined to use when you designed the building, and mark each space. Cut back the roofing on the existing building if needed so that the new roof can fit correctly beneath it. The lean-to's roofing will need to fit fairly snugly underneath the existing roof to prevent rain from blowing into your addition.
Install any partitions you will use to divide the lean-to's floorspace into different usable areas.
This partition was created by installing steel stud purlins between one of the outboard support posts and a nailer fastened vertically to the existing shed wall.

Make sure any metal corners (if you side the lean-to with tin) are rolled or formed in such a way that no sharp edges are exposed. Many building departments do not regulate small projects like lean-tos as long as the additions are under a minimum square footage area and you have no plans to install any utilities such as electrical and plumbing. If the existing shed is structurally sound and has an exterior wall to which you can attach your lean-to, adding a lean-to can be a fairly simple project. Consult the local building authorities to learn about code requirements, needed permits and property set backs for storage buildings. While you can use a measurement between the building and each individual post and between posts to set the intermediate posts, using a string line will make the task easier.
Remember to nail everything solidly as you install it, so you will not overlook a critical connection before moving to the subsequent step in the project.

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