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This spacious cedar garden shed has tons of storage space for lawn and garden tools plus shelves for supplies, a potting bench and windows. Even though we've engineered this shed to keep complicated figuring and cutting to a minimum, it's still a big construction project that will take you at least five or six weekends to complete.
Then call your local building inspections department to find out if your shed location is OK and what's required to get a building permit.
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If you've built a deck or similar structure, you'll have no trouble putting in the foundation and building the walls. To help you through the trickier roof-framing stage, we'll show you how to make a rafter pattern without using any complex math. If the ground slopes steeply, either toward or away from the house, your job will be a lot harder.
Drive reference stakes along the house or garage to mark the corners and establish the floor height. You may have to modify our plans slightly to fit your house, but all the basic building techniques we show will be the same. We tied our shed roof into the garage roof, but you can also butt the shed roof against a wall, as long as you install metal flashing under the siding and over the shingles where the roof and wall intersect. In any case, regrade around the shed to ensure good every drainage and provide a ramp for your lawn mower and wheelbarrow.

Adjust the strings until the diagonal measurements are equal and all the sides are the correct length. This combination allowed us to continue the roof in a straight line and still have enough headroom at the outside shed wall for standard-height windows and doors. To ensure adequate outer wall height, stretch a string along the roof and brace a 2x4 temporarily at the location of the outside wall to figure out how much headroom you'll have (basically the same procedure shown in Photo 9 for making the rafter template).

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