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Anyhoo, he and his son took this catapult out to the local park and it was a smashing success.
This is the first in a two part series reviewing the working wood catapult kit made by Pathfinders. He made the Ogre Catapult but increased the size by 1.5 which makes for a nice sized catapult.
These catapults are superb, the detail is extraordinary especially when you consider how cheap they are.

All the other kids had fun firing it off and all the other dads had fun coming up with design improvements! The first is called the Wyvern Catapult: Make a Tennis Ball Catapult and it uses the torsion of twisted rope.
The second is called the backyard Ogre and it is faster and easier to build but not as powerful. Note that they have thoughtfully placed red marks on the crosspiece and the base with which it mates.The kit is held together with pegs that are glued in place.

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