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John- I’d love pictures once you’ve turned that lumber into something fit for a picnic!
I know we have a picnic bench that we look forward to bringing out from the garage this year! Otherwise, the plans are great and saved us hours of mocking up (and probably mucking up) the table and benches.
I built this years ago, so I don’t remember the exact price, but it was comparable to the wood picnic tables you see for sale at big box stores or lumber yards.
I’ve always wanted one of these classic picnic tables, and then I stumbled upon this! Build a cedar picnic table - the contractor chronicles, Hi angie – we built this cedar picnic table as part of a series and you can find how to build and finish each part of the table in separate posts on our blog..

32 free picnic table plans + top 3 most awesome picnic, 11 comments on “ 32 free picnic table plans + top 3 most awesome picnic table plan awards ”. Adding a drink trough to your picnic table is a great way to keep drinks cold and easily available for outdoor entertaining. Turn the picnic table over and remove any diagonal braces under the table that attach to the center board of the picnic table top.
The diagonal picnic table supports were reattached to the bottom of the top and leg cleats on each side of the drink trough. Adding a drink trough to a picnic table is an easy project that can be done in an hour or two.
Begin by removing any diagonal braces from the underside that attach to the center of the table.

I made a couple of modifications, making the table and benches a few inches longer, and using a whole lot more powertools than they suggest.
Then attach the brace with a lag screw through both legs and the brace, and a deck screw from brace to top of table.
Now you can add two by twos along the length of the table, on either side of the center board.
PS: I used Hubs big screwed down clamp on his bench to hold my wood while i was using the sawsall and chiseling.

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