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Hi Brian, this was definitely a concern when I was researching bird feeders, but what I have read is window bird feeders can actually teach birds about windows and prevent injury.
Although a diverse garden attracts birds with a variety of berries, seeds, and bugs, supplement the food selection by setting out a barn wood bird feeder and offering birds a varied diet.
Reclaiming barn wood is a great way to recycle and feed your garden visitors at the same time.Here are some wonderful examples of feeders made from reclaimed barn wood.
A twig perch has been added to this this mossy bird feeder which gives the birds a place to rest while feeding and helps keep them from poohing in the feeder and spoiling their food.Since birds like to flit back and forth from place to place, locate your feeders, if possible, where there are trees which will provide natural protective cover for them. Barn Wood Bird Feeder Rustic Eco friendly Reclaimed solid oak & reclaimed glass, by 3 Sisters Country Store.
This barn board bird feeder has all the charm of a rustic country inn and will add whimsy to any garden. Hanging Bird Feeder, All Reclaimed Materials by Garden FindsMade from old discarded weathered 1"x4" fence slats to make this feeder.

Bird feeders are an essential addition to the garden, especially during the winter, when they provide a valuable supplement to the birds’ natural diet.
Grace has been wanting a birdfeeder, and I've been wanting birds chirping outdoors, so we set out to make good use of our scrap pile.I've been seeing those window birdfeeders, and thought we'd give it a try. This vintage hopper feeder features attached suet cages, dramatically increasing the varieties of birds you can attract.To attract the greatest variety of bird life we must provide suitable food for each of these groups.
By providing water and food for birds, you can enjoy their antics and behavior, as well as providing a valuable service for the birds themselves. Two decorative old drawer backplates are affixed to the front and back of the feeder.The bottom is screened in to hold your seed, stapled and covered with trim pieces cut from the same wood and nailed in place. They have a similar one hanging on a tree in front of their house and the birds absolutely love it. These two types of food, seeds and suet, get best results with feeders designed to handle each kind.

The feeder can be moved about the garden or yard as desired to bring feeding birds closer to a window or to the house.
Crushed eggshells do the same thing, and in the spring have an added benefit: they provide birds with extra calcium for producing eggs of their own.
The feeder is glued and nailed into place, wood has been treated with a clear coat to extend outdoor use.

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