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If you’ve been dreaming of a tiny space created just for you that you can use for virtually any purpose your heart desires, this stylish prefab studio by Camera Buildings is for you. The Tetra Shed modular stand-alone pods are designed as modernized workspaces for the garden, but can be used for far more.
When a house extension project and a prefab system come together the result can only be outstanding.
The concept behind a tiny garden pavilion in London, UK was simplified by the following equation: shed + office = Shoffice. A beautifully designed open-spaced office atmosphere designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects.From Shedworking.

Designer Jean Oddes brilliantly installed two black painted garden sheds (to face each other); a large slatted deck in between to hold his dining room which is protected by a canopy of canvas stretched between the two treated huts on wire ropes.
Backyard Room testifies the power of mixing these two factors by revealing the innumerable benefits that come with prefabricated buildings.
When work and living merge to a single space, many people are in need of a physical separation between what happens in their life at home, and their work at the office. Sett Studio demonstrates how to create an efficient physical boundary between work and home. The program was very simple and small – an office space for the owner of the house that could promote a closer connection with his domesticated piece of nature.

This Georgian Bay, Ontario prefab gem boasts of 800 square feet of specialized steam, sculpted to utter perfection. In Austin a small prefab building with only 8.5sqm reinforces the idea of living and working in style and comfort.

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