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We were going to do something exactly like what you're talking about as well, although we ended up upholstering the center, we may do that in the future--a whole table, with cards and chips in the center. Thanks so much; For everyone else planning to build a table, I'll post pictures when it's finished in a few weeks. My table top will have wine corks and bottle caps, and possibly a broken up plate or two, so the finished depth will be about 1". A housemate and I have constructed a similar table over here in Australia, but can't find an appropriate epoxy to finish it with. The caps are arranged in hexagon fashion which minimizes the amount of "gap." The table is 7x3, and has a frame surrounding it which makes the cap surface appear recessed. I'm in the middle of a similar project--a poker table with a summer's worth of me and buddies' beer caps around the perimeter.
Jeremy, I am thinking about doing a poker table very similar to yours, but I am thinking about doing the whole table instead of the outside. When we did this table, I put a "seal coat" (thin layer) of the resin down to seal off the wood. On our next table, we'll probably glue the caps to the raw wood, and then seal coat the table and caps at the same time to save a little time.

You can see Ron's table has resin that stops short of the top of the border, and looks beautiful. I used US Composites Kleer Kote table top epoxy and applied it as specified in the directions. Using beer bottle caps (over 2500), we are constructing a very unique mosaic-style table top.
The plan is to have a clear coating which comes up to the level of the frame, thus making the entire table top level. Composites sells Epoxy Resin which is the product most commonly used on bar tops and table tops in many bars and restaurants. Most clear resins are basically just poured plastic, and will yellow if exposed to UV rays over time. I wanted a smooth edge for the poker table, so my fences were just higher than the caps, and I poured enough layers to go over the top of the fences, and drip down the sides. I plan on making a 4' x 8' table with an edge just a little higher than the caps, and I would like the epoxy to go all the way to the top of the edging. I'd suggest something a bit less challenging for a first attempt, like either a very small item with the 1" thick coat, or a more conventional thickness on this table.

However, we have not come up with a good method for "sealing" the gaps between the caps in order to create a smooth, level table top. We've seal-coated the table, and are in process of securing the caps to the table prior to the first "flood" coat. I used a drizzle coating of Kleer Kote to seal the caps down to the table before pouring a partial flood poor. The only thing I haven't decided yet is whether to let the Kleer Kote flow over the edge or to have a small lip on the edge of the table. I was actually just thinking of buying wood those big flat pieces of wood from Lowe's and was wondering if that will be fine as the table top.

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