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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. The kind of concrete block you are using is plenty strong, though I don't see anything to keep your shed from moving, for example from strong wind, heavy rain, or leaning livestock. Not all pressure treated is intended for ground contact so make sure you get the right kind.
After my little bit of inspiration over the twin evils of a shed in the wrong place and a nasty little problem spot, there was no point hanging around really so I got out the tools and got to work. The tarp is because we managed to tear the (already gently rotting) roofing felt while we were moving it, but no matter, we have another roll in the shed which we’ll finish it off with next week.

It’s actually right opposite the shed, a little further down, and all I can do with it is hack it back periodically as nothing will grow there. These were recycled from the paving slabs that were alongside the shed already, which seemed like a good idea until I realised how damned heavy they were. I inherited the shed with the garden, and as I was wittering on about recently, there were a lot of eccentric design decisions made by my predecessor in this garden – one of them being to place this shed plumb in the middle of the main view from the house. Your setup is probably OK if you're not planning on parking a riding mower in rhe shed. They were the kind you use for pavements – great for settling down and not moving anywhere without a small bomb beneath them, awful if you do actually want to move them somewhere.

You can just about see the fork (about to root out those bloody borage roots again) and the stakes marking out the spot in the picture above.

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