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Luckily for you, we here at Garden Buildings Direct have been keeping ourselves very busy and, in collaboration with BillyOh, can now proudly announce the addition of several excellent new items to our already enormous catalogue of top-quality garden sheds. Our BillyOh Dorset Shed range (I, II, and III) features an already sturdy design, and is the kind of deluxe shed which can totally transform your garden, and life, if you choose to invest in it. This shed, even in its smallest version, is enormous and with its wide double doors and large windows (perfect for optimum illumination) it has been designed specifically to serve you as an ideal outdoor den, living room, or even bedroom if the urge takes you. This goliath garden building now comes with the optional extra feature of an “Ultimate Strength” 44mm wall – featuring 57% more timber than standard, and bound to keep you safe from the elements, from angry squirrels, or from whatever else nature might choose to throw at you at any given moment. The Dorset Shed Range is built using a traditional interlocking timber method in order to guarantee maximum strength and durability.

For that reason, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our 3×6 20 Pent Bike Store on the scene, the perfect storage solution – small enough to avoid crowding your garden, but large enough to comfortably fit several bikes in at once with no trouble at all.
If you want somewhere safe to keep your bike accessories and cycling clothes, you can spend a bit more on the purchase and have 3 foot stacks of shelving added to the building in order to really double up on its storage value.
Other optional extras include: the ability to have the bike shed painted in a variety of different colours according to your tastes, a padlock and hasp (with a 50mm padlock protector as an additional extra) in order to put your mind at ease over the safety of your property, and many more. Designed in an attractive, rustic style, the BillyOh 20 is the kind of shed range which gives you not just a storage solution but an alpine-inspired garden ornament at the same time.
A 3×8 can be a compact, out of the way piece of the scenery which serves to keep all of your gardening tools and spare odds and ends in one place, out of the way.

You can choose a version of the shed which has no floor, one which has a standard solid sheet floor, or even a premium groove and tongue floor, depending on your preference and requirements. Its sizing options are virtually limitless (especially after the addition of these three), and span the entire realm of garden shed possibilities.

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