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Venice Morgan writes: An unused, old and nearly broken or simply irreparable cabinet can be use for a garbage bin cabinet. Design solutions, designer interviews, room makeovers, garden tips, video tours, sweepstakes news, and special offers. Now you can conceal them in an attractive, inexpensive, and easy-to-build shed that requires basic skills, tools, and materials. Build the frameA diagram of the trash barrel shedCompound miter saw: Rent or borrow one to make straight and beveled cuts on the siding and roof panels (see Lumber List in PDF).

With a helper holding a door in place on the shed, align the door flush to the top of the side frame, then check that it is level, with a 1?8-in.
This type of latch keeps the front doors closed and secure, but easily accessible—you’ll need to operate the hasp when you open the shed doors to remove the cans on pickup day. Roof and paint: Measure and cut the roof lid so it fits flush to the finished sides of the shed frame, tight against the fixed panel, with a 1-in.
Prime and paint the doors and siding of the shed to match or complement your home; apply two to three coats to each to achieve the proper coverage and color.

As an option, you can prime and paint the shed’s wooden roof instead of applying shingles or another roofing finish.
Measure and cut the shed’s back panel from the other sheet of T-111 siding with a table or circular saw.

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