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Our platform can be raised or lowered about five inches using this hole and pin arrangement, perhaps the trickiest part of this music stand plan. This music stand requires only five board feet of lumber, but I recommend buying at least four times as much, so you can practice and refine your bending techniques.
American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. Chain link fence construction details, free plans folding table,intarsia woodworking for beginners by kathy wise. The height of the music rack is adjusted by means of a brass pin which seats within mating holes evenly spaced along the vertical height of the stem. I've done a couple that elevate and tip so they could be used by sitting or standing players. Jamie--I have some digital pictures that I shot saturday while being dragged around by my wife to antique malls of a music stand. I used a single board to form the top part of the stand and the ledger at the bottom that supports the music--the cut-line defines both shapes and repeats the curve.

Locate the top piece and tilt mechanism so as to keep the stand from becoming unstable in either position.
CANCELLATION POLICY Please review the Puget Sound router table base plate, and a circle lots. But from these images, you should be able to gain enough insight on how we built our music stands that you can do it for yourself. The distance between dadoes decreases from bottom to top, so the spaces between the stays are graduated.
After many years together, my flimsy music stand and I experienced the ultimate falling out.
I decided to lighten the appearance of the stays, because their rectangular shape made the stand look top-heavy. I forgot, as usual, that lathes aren't quite such the standard piece of kit that they are here in the UK. I planned to use some of them for test-bending and I wanted to have more than three bent blanks to choose from for the base.

When all three blanks were bent, we headed to the golf course: The blanks had to stay in the forms for three days to stabilize.
After the glue had dried, I removed the tray assembly to finish shaping the top of the stand. Rather than buying another utilitarian stand, I got the crazy notion to design and build one that would, somehow, visually represent the music I play. I wanted the stand to echo the blues music I love, so I decided to bend the wood, just like those soulful blue notes. Now, the question is, how did your finger come off in the 1st place.  I prefer to learn by others' mistakes!

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