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We built an upper machine monitoring system based on LabVIEW and a ZigBee-based wireless sensor to wirelessly acquire, display, and store greenhouse environmental information. The system includes software design of the monitoring system and ladder diagram programming of the PLC.
We used the advanced software and hardware platform from NI to build a complete and stable greenhouse monitoring system.
The company makes small, modular "growbots," lightweight greenhouses that can squeeze into vacant city corners and grow food more efficiently than the typical community garden. The tiny growing units also have advantages over large greenhouses being built on some urban rooftops. That would free up critical farmland, like California's Salinas Valley, for crops that are unlikely to fit well into cities, like almonds or potatoes.

We used the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module and the NI OPC Server software for integrating to industrial automation devices to read and write to the greenhouse controller, an Omron programmable logic controller (PLC), and we achieved fast, accurate control of the actuators.
Due to the bad climatic conditions, the existing greenhouses in the area are usually heated,  so they consume a lot of energy, have a high error rate when running autonomously, and have a high maintenance cost. The Internet-connected lightweight greenhouses can squeeze into vacant city corners and grow five tons of lettuce a year. We first used Omron CX-Programmer Software to complete the ladder diagram, then we used an RS232 serial cable to connect the PLC to the upper machine and to power it on. It can display parameters for various greenhouses in real time and manage alarms by setting upper and lower limits. We installed the free LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, which occupies about 90 MB of disk space, on the client’s computer.

By sealing off the plants in a greenhouse and using recirculated water, Cityblooms is able to guarantee food safety. Therefore, the greenhouse temperature is mainly controlled manually, which constricts the yield and quality of greenhouse crops. An independent safety agency automatically certifies any urban farmer using the system's software.

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