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Firstly think about the design of door that you want – consider the age of your property and what doors are already fitted. These look like panel doors but are made like flush doors.  They have a moulded or embossed veneer that is often made of MDF and is stuck on to a wooden or composite frame. Your choice of door should relate to what you want to use it for.  An exterior door or one for heavy use, should be more solid and durable in construction than a door designed for internal or light use. The materials used to make the door will affect its cost, durability, security, appearance and fire rating.  As a general rule, the more solid wood and harder the timber used in a wooden door, the more durable, robust and expensive it is likely to be.
A door is usually fixed to a door lining or frame with hinges or sliding door gear.  The standard door hinge is a single axis hinge. With a wide range of doors, in varying materials and finishes, Magnet Trade offer a stylish and secure option for any house. At Magnet Trade we are one of the UK’s leading exterior door suppliers, with unrivalled expertise and experience when it comes to providing wooden external doors of all types and styles. To match a range of settings and styles, we offer a wide range of high quality hardware and door furniture for our external doors, all of which are available to complement your door choice.
If your house is listed you will need Listed Building Consent to add or replace a door – check with your local council.

The door is constructed of solid wood or plywood panels grooved into vertical stiles, horizontal rails and often with intermediate vertical members (muntins) – all jointed with mortice-and-tenon joints or dowels. A paneled or boarded door is often used externally, being more weather and intruder resistant than a Flush or Moulded door. Composite doors with little real or hardwood tend to be cheaper and lighter, but are less hard wearing and secure. In terms of appearance, you cannot beat a hardwood door. The weight of the door should be checked against the maximum load-bearing capacity of the hinge.
All our external doors are made from the finest timber and choices include solid oak, hardwood and softwood.
Internal doors are usually 32mm or 44mm thick, while external and fire doors are commonly 44mm or more. For wooden doors or door hanging in Shropshire, do contact Oliver Gibbs Carpentry and joinery for advice or a free quote. For domestic properties, fire doors are necessary if the property is over two stories high.
These are fixed to sliding door gear above the door and a guide at the floor prevents it from moving laterally.

In commercial properties, double fire doors will need a door coordinator devise to ensure that the doors close in the right sequence. Fire doors are rated from 30 minutes (FD30) to 120 minutes (FD120) and come in different designs.
Push bars may be needed on fire exits, and hold-open devises can be wired-up by a qualified electrician.  Before choosing a door lock, check the requirements of your insurance. Check the label on a fire door, frame and seal to ensure that you choose the correct door specified by the building regulations.  Large doors may need to be made out of lighter material or the door frame may need strengthening for it to bear the weight. If you need a non-standard door, flush door blanks are available and can be trimmed to size – otherwise you will need a joiner to make you custom door. Flush and Moulded doors may have a lock block for fitting a lock and will need to be hung the right way round. Most firms require 5 lever mortice locks to be used on external doors.  A reinforcing metal door frame strip, door limiter, hinge bolts and spy hole can also be fitted to external doors for added security.

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