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A ramp instead of stairs will allow you to move wheeled equipment in and out of the shed easily. Before you begin construction check local laws at your town's building department to see if a permit is needed.
The most suitable types of soil for laying a shed foundation are rocky, sandy, gravel, sandy loam and loam. If you would rather avoid this, you can build the shed on the ground by replacing the beams (see below) with 4x6-inch (102x152-mm) skids of pressure-treated lumber that is approved for ground contact, or by using precast concrete fence posts.
You can use siding, textured plywood, or anything else that gives the shed a more finished look. Start from the lower end of the roof slope and work your way upwards, making sure that each new level of paper overlaps the one below it to keep rain from seeping into the cracks.

There are two different types of shed builders; those who pick shed spots based on aesthetics and those who choose the first available spot. The easiest way to attach the beams to the piers is with metal straps, which have built-in nail holes. Again, your measurements will be greatly simplified if you space the rafters the same way that you spaced your floor joists.
Keep in mind that your shed will be standing here for decades maybe, so everything has to be well thought, the place should be comfortable for you. The depth of a foundation under a shed depends on the type of soil and the depth of its freezing in winter, but the average depth is usually 2 feet.
This small building should organically fit into the overall landscape of your site and be in harmony with other buildings.

Some people prefer to hide their sheds in the back area of their sites, others build sheds right next to their house.
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