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Purdue University researcher Andrew DeWoody gathers feathers shed by endangered eagles, a technique that yields plenty of information about them.
Andrew DeWoody studies eagles by using DNA in their feathers to track their movements and habits. Eagles and other large birds present several challenges, however, even beyond catching them.

DeWoody’s studies were done in Kazakhstan with eastern imperial eagles, a top predator of international concern because its population is declining. The work also helped researchers understand more about the roosting habits of some eagles that use a nest for months at a time versus others who float around from roost to roost. Another study showed that DNA could be used to distinguish eagle species from one another, and that imperial, golden and white-tailed eagles often utilized the same roosts at the same time.

Each feather found in a nest or on the ground can be mapped back to the individual that shed it, much like a sampling of scat can be used to identify individual leopards, wolves or other animals.

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