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Over the years, Popular Mechanics has published several articles about designing and building backyard storage sheds, many of which I'm proud to have written. A Building Permit is required for all residential garages and all yard sheds including garden sheds over 10 square metres in area.
The Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 lists rules for all Accessory Residential Buildings (including garages and sheds). In most communities, the maximum parcel coverage for all buildings on the property cannot exceed 45%. The maximum eave line height of a detached garage cannot exceed 3.0 metres, when measured from the finished floor of the building.
Note: The above is NOT a complete list of the requirements of the Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 or the Alberta Building Code.
Any garage that will be demolished and replaced with another garage, does not require a Demolition Permit unless it is separately serviced (not from the house). Demolishing or removing a detached garage that is not separately serviced (is fed from the house or has no services) does not require a Demolition Permit. If the garage services are fed from the house, they can be disconnected at the source and no Demolition Permit is required. The North Shore of Maui has its fair share of freaky patchouli slathered hipsters creative property owners that have long taken advantage of the popular provision in the zoning code that allows you to build up to a 200 ft.? structure on agricultural properties without requiring a permit.
The intent of the law was to make it easier for legitimate farmers to erect structures essential to their operations without having to jump through the many hoops required by the building permit process. Being the good investigative Maui Realtor that I am, I decided to go speak to someone at the building department. This blog post features a couple of my architectural doodles – sheds that I have considered building. Please send me a note with questions or suggestions regarding our site, our sheds, or sheds in general.

These articles have always generated a lot of mail from readers looking for specific answers to their shed-building questions.
Buildings that do NOT meet the rules of the Calgary Land Use Bylaw may require a Development Permit prior to obtaining a Building Permit.
The maximum area covered by accessory buildings cannot exceed 75 square metres or the building coverage of the main residential building, whichever is the lesser. You can build a shed of up to 1,000 ft.? on agriculturally zoned properties in Hawaii without obtaining a building permit.
Email me if you would like access to resources for obtaining building permits in Maui County.
You can either contact DSS ahead of time at 403-268-5703 or you can request this service when you apply for your building permit.
There's a common misconception that building permits are only required for sheds larger than 100 sq ft (or some other arbitrary size).
Such an out-of-the-way site might look nice, but it's not very convenient when you must traipse back and forth across the yard every time you need to retrieve a tool. The building inspector will ultimately decide which type of foundation you'll need to build; the decision is typically based on the size and height of the building. I never build sheds with shallow-pitched roofs because they have very little interior headroom, they don't shed snow and debris very well--as you discovered--and frankly, I think they're ugly.For any gable-roof shed, I recommend a roof slope ranging between 10-in-12 (40 degrees) and 12-in-12 (45 degrees). Our sheds are classified as “accessory buildings” and are not designed or sold as for human habitation.9. When a permit for improvements is taken out on your home, your home’s assessed value may increase by an amount of the cost of the project.
We can arrange for a concrete slab if required or desired.Standard Concrete Blocks Base ? Sheds 120 sq.
Visit showroomOur clients are happiest and make the wisest choices after seeing the models and options in person, especially when choosing a shed height.

Your site needs to be reasonably level and our installers need at least 18 inches of workspace around the perimeter of the shed.
If your site does not meet these requirements, give us a call and we can discuss possible ways to make your site buildable.3.
If you have visited our showroom and live in our primary service area, we can meet with you on site to determine if your site is buildable, and help you choose the best shed to meet your needs.4.
We are not set up to offer unlimited customizing but we offer a long list of options and choices from which you can design your own individual shed.2. What you do with your shed after we finish is up to you, but we can only build them as individual detached buildings.6. If you want tile or wood shake, you will need to arrange for your own roofing.Foundation 1.
Although a slab is the best base, a block and shim base is sufficient for most all shed uses.
If you want your shed anchored, or if your city requires it, we offer several anchoring options.3.
Sheds of this size typically require a building permit and the price depends on many factors.
Your deposit enables us to reserve an installation date, purchase building materials, and pre-cut the lumber for your shed.
When a permit for improvements is taken out on your home, your home’s assessed value may increase by an amount of the cost of the project.

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