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Composite satellite image of the Diyala River meeting the Tigris, in southern Baghdad, with the old Diyala Bridge marked. Twin suicide car bombings struck two Baghdad bridges today, killing at least 23 people, including 11 police officers, injuring at least 57 others, and damaging the two structures.
The bombings targeted the Old Diyala Bridge and the nearby New Diyala Bridge, which span the Diyala River, a tributary of the Tigris in southern Baghdad.

Two minutes later, the AP reports, a large fuel truck rapidly approached a second police checkpoint at New Diyala Bridge, and detonated, police said.
The old Diyala bridge is similar in design to central Baghdad's al-Sarafiya bridge which was destroyed a month ago when an explosives-rigged truck was detonated on it, killing at least ten.
Days after the al-Sarafiya attack, Baghdad’s al-Jadirya bridge was attacked by a bomber, killing eight.

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