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Amidst the warm weather and onslaught of lawn maintenance, gardening, and general exterior upkeep, it’s not so hard to get motivated to clean out and organize the garage and a shed in our backyard. Truth is, if we don’t spend that extra 5 minutes every night making sure that every tool makes it back into its place, the shed transforms from tool command central to a crazy (and potentially dangerous) work zone. We keep the left wall of the shed organized much like the right side that overhangs the wooden shelving unit.
Along the bottom of that wall, I’ve organized every last cement block that we found scattered around the property when I moved in.

Catching the home improvement bug at an early age, Emily Winters is a now a devoted DIYer living in Rochester, NY. With this very organized garage, I think you can even start doing other part time jobs like doing some roof restoration in Perth and make money from it. 283PostsI caught the home improvement bug at an early age, and now I'm a full-time DIYer living in Rochester, NY. In fact, they’re way-way-way less in the way than if we were trying to keep them on the floor of the shed.

With screws and hooks, we’ve managed to take many of our handheld power tools off the ground too, which helps to keep them safe (not kicking them around to move about the shed) and dry (because as you can tell, this part of the ceiling is right below that roof that needs to be replaced and sometimes water enters and puddles on the ground. I save them for my hubby to use in his garage (he built) and you can use them to organize crafts in the home.

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