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Instead of the conventional timber slats modern staging, particularly when constructed from metal angle strips, often has a top surface of wire or plastic mesh.
A really solid, substantial staging, made from bricks or concrete has an advantage worth noting in these days of fuel economy.
Where a greenhouse receives a good amount of sunshine during the day, the bricks and concrete will store heat and evolve (radiate) it during the night. Depending on how the basic greenhouse structure is designed it can be fitted to the sides or suspended from the roof — or both. Choose one with a spout that will easily reach to the back of the staging and one that’s not too heavy for you to lift when it is full.

There are some small units now available that can be easily assembled and dismantled, moved about from place to place in the greenhouse, and extended to increase staging space if required. In winter it is an advantage if the staging top is of an ‘open’ nature to allow for air circulation around plants and, in warmed greenhouses, the distribution of heat; for this, slatted staging is suitable.
Sometimes enough warmth will be given out to keep the greenhouse frost free, and it will certainly be enough to keep the temperature more even.
This form of staging makes the greenhouse very versatile and is specially useful in a glass-to-ground structure where a wide variety of plants of different heights can be grown and viewed.
However it is not common practice to change your staging according to the seasons, nor is it necessary.

Glass is a good choice if your greenhouse is very crowded as it allows more light to reach the plants below. If your greenhouse is fitted with a water tap, then you can use a watering lance that is controlled by a finger-operated valve.
If you install open-type staging, it is a simple matter to cover it with polythene or asbestos sheeting, and then in mid spring (March) to cover this with a layer of moist shingle or other moisture-retaining material.

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