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Published : 24.10.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Leonard Storage Buildings
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I was surprised to find something as cool as the rain boots but these cowboy birdhouses aren’t too bad. More Backyard ProjectsChandelier Birdhouse and PlanterWith just a few tweaks to a rummage sale find, you can create this elegant planter that also doubles as a birdhouse.

In a few simple steps, you can learn how to make a birdhouse like this one, painted to suit your own garden style!
Birdhouses are fun to have in the spring when birds will be nesting and raising cute little baby birds.
Here are twelve fun and unique birdhouse ideas that will keep birds warm and happy through the cold fall and winter months.

Give your old shoes some purpose by nailing them on to trees or using them as the sole of a delightful birdhouse.

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