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Most people seam to be obsessed with Price now days , but what is the point in buying something you are going to need to replace in 12 months when for not a lot more money you can have a much steadier Bike Store.
If you rely on your bike for transportation on a daily basis, you need to be able to keep it safe. Before constructing a bike shed, or any other structure, on your property, you need to make sure that you are in compliance with any local regulations governing such construction.
You should also figure out exactly how you want to use your shed before you start doing any work on it.
On the other hand, sheds should not be so out of the way that no one would notice if someone did break in. The material used to build the shed is another important choice that you will have to make. A bike shed made from metal may last longer than a wooden shed, and they are less likely to catch on fire. You also need to think how you will install a steel bike shed as most come pre welded and not is sections which will make it difficult to place unless you have a lot of access. Putting a bike rack in your shed and locking your bike to it will also help keep your bike safe.
With our ever increasing love for hoarding our pedal bikes tend to be demoted to be thrown in the back of the shed or garage. Depending on your particular needs this building can assist you in the storage of not only your bikes, but being that little bit taller items like, step ladder, brushes, parasols an.. Here at City Sheds in Liverpool we can offer you a custom made bike shed to suite your needs.
Leaving your bike outside without protection against the elements will drastically reduce it's life, with rust setting in it will become less reliable.
Whatever your preference, give your trusty bike its own shed this year - you know it deserves one. An ideal solution for storing bikes of various sizes, this shed has double doors for easy access.
This great value bike shed has been specifically designed to hold all of your family’s bicycles with ease. The roof and eaves height are pretty tall, but it’s the width of the doors that really set this bike shed apart.
Our broad range of high quality wooden garden sheds are available in a variety of different cladding types including tongue and groove shiplap and overlap. However, if using the building as it is intended, you’ll find it is strong enough to handle the weight of all of your family’s bikes.
However, if you’re using the shed to store bicycles as it is intended, you don’t really need to add strength to the floor as it can easily accommodate lightweight items.
However, as mentioned earlier, the bolt that comes with the shed could potentially be easily unscrewed. It is one of the lowest priced bike sheds available, yet it benefits from an immaculate design and some pretty noteworthy features. While it can also be used as a general storage shed for gardening essentials, we would point out that it isn’t recommended for anything heavy.

They work deep down inside the timber for a start, rather than just sitting on the surface of the shed walls. Its extra-wide doors also make storage a breeze; ensuring you can get the bikes in and out without worrying about their awkward shape. So to avoid temptation for potential thieves, the windowless design ensures your bikes are kept well out of sight.
It’s an attractive looking shed, though we like that you also have the option to customise its appearance by adding a different coloured treatment. Investing in a dedicated bike shed on your property can pay off over the long run, but you must know how to build a shed that will keep your bike safe from thieves, vandals, and the likes .
A more permanent structure may need a poured foundation, for example, while bike sheds that are more temporary may simply require a timber base.
Since the site of the shed must be cleared and levelled anyway,a solid foundation is a lot more work. For example, if your shed is not easily visible from the street, any potential thieves will be less likely to spot it and be inspired to try and break in. Choose pressure treated wood and use a water sealant to protect your shed from the elements so that it does not rot. Cheaper metal sheds, however, are prone to rust and corrosion, particularly in rainy or snowy areas. However, if your shed is basically a place to keep your bike, you may want to avoid windows.
Frosting the glass on the windows or using window coverings will also make it harder for people to see into your shed.
Alternatively, those that don't have space for garden sheds may wish to consider one of these bike sheds to store their essential gardening tools. This shed comes with the floor included.The Walton's Wooden Bicycle Shed is a quality and functional product designed primarily for bicycle storage.
The overall depth and width of the shed is very compact, so it should fit comfortably into even small gardens. With easy access double doors, double framed corners for added strength and floor joists for a sturdy base this wooden bike shed also boasts a windowless design to enhance its security.
This is a common thickness used with most sheds, regardless of the type of cladding they use. All of the instructions provided are very easy to read and understand, whilst the lightweight design of the shed makes it pretty quick to install too. The hardwearing overlap cladding of the wooden shed ensures moisture resistance so your bikes will stay dry and rust free especially during the winter. You’ll find most bike sheds feature double doors, but they very rarely measure as wide as the ones on this building.
The ultra-wide double doors, apex height, 10 year anti-rot warranty and pad bolt included all help to make this a great value shed. Coloured treatments such as the Evergreen and Golden Brown varieties in the Barrettine range, help to add personalisation to the shed.
So you may want to consider using a coloured treatment, or adding a layer or two of shed paint to give it a more aesthetically pleasing design.

A shed with a solid foundation will have greater stability and provide more security for your bike. Consider the pros and cons of each before deciding, as well as how much you can afford to spend on your bike shed.
Wood gives you a lot of flexibility in constructing your shed, so it is a good choice for smaller properties. Many metal sheds also have thin walls that provide little insulation from the heat or cold. They are often not as sturdy as other sheds, however, which can make your bike more vulnerable to theft. Choose wooden or metal construction for your bike shed, or how about our unique nylon-polyester-fabric bicycle storage - more a bike tent than a bike shed! Made from 5mm thick steel sheet, which you can lock your bike to (so can be kept in a communal area), with integrated hooks and shelves keep your locks, tools, keys, lights, gloves, helmet and bags tidy. This garden building comes with Ledge doors to allow a staple and hasp to be fitted to secure your shed. Like all value sheds in the Waltons range, this building is constructed with overlap cladding. This Value Overlap Apex Bike Shed is a modern and stylish way of keeping the family bicycles in storage and ensuring they stay neat, dry and protected from the elements. However, if you are planning on using the building purely to store your family’s bikes, you will find it provides more than enough strength to safely hold them. So this could pose problems depending upon the size of the bicycles and garden equipment you may want to keep in the shed. Just remember that if you want to use it as anything other than a bike or lightweight storage shed, you will need to upgrade its floor. Animals frequently seek shelter in sheds and other structures, and a solid foundation makes it harder for them to gain entry. However, be aware that using multiple locks on the shed makes it obvious that it contains something of value. Garden Wooden Sheds of all styles, from Tool Sheds to Bike Sheds and many more, can be found in this section.
A 10 year guarantee against rot is provided with the shed, though there are terms and conditions you need to follow in order to be able to benefit. Unlike metal bike sheds, this one isn’t at risk of rust which makes it a great choice for those who live by the sea.
I don't as a rule bother with feedback, but in this instance I think it is warranted, what a brilliant company to deal with, ordered on line, and 100 per cent to their word, I got the delivery at the time they said, and the quality great for the money, thank you waltons, will be buying 10x8 shed next. This *7' x 3' Value Overlap Apex Bike Shed* is the perfect storage solution,   ideal for secure bicycle storage for both adults and children's bikes. With the double doors of this wooden shed incorporated on the 7' panel as opposed to the smaller 3' panel,the accessibility and storage opportunity is enhanced greatly.

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