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Farmers are cramming millions more chickens into industrial sheds than ever before in order to meet supermarket demand for cheaper food, a Sunday Herald investigation can reveal.
Farmers and supermarkets, however, deny that their increasingly intensive production methods are cruel.
Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), a charity that campaigns to improve animal welfare standards, said it was impossible to provide "an acceptable standard of animal welfare" with a stocking density of 38kg per square metre. Under the enriched colony cage regime, a bird now gets 600 square cm of ‘usable space’ and a minimum head room of 45cm.Yes, it’s an improvement, but only just. The European Union's scientific committee on animal welfare concluded that at more than 30kg per square metre there is a "steep rise in the frequency of serious problems".
Then, as you step into the gloomy interior, you’re struck by the sheer scale of the place.Inside a cavernous shed are thousands upon thousands of birds, rustling, clucking and pecking.

While organic labels are no guarantee that the farms are perfect, standards are higher than for free-range.Under Soil Association rules, organic egg units can have a maximum of 2,000 birds in a flock and six birds in each square metre inside. In the old battery system, one bird was allocated 550 square cm - roughly the size of a sheet of A4 paper. Protracted, slim shed for these gadgets along would be low-cost and solely supply concepts about.
The application says this will lead to more chickens in the same space, but promises that the stocking density will not exceed 38 kilogrammes per square metre. CIWF's director of food business, Dr Tracey Jones, argued it is wrong to try to increase the number of chickens per square metre. As many as 19 chickens or more are being squeezed into every square metre of floor space, which some experts say causes pain and stress.

If the chickens are smaller, there may be more of them but they would still be allowed the same space per kilo, argued the union's animal welfare policy manager, Penny Johnston. But critics point out that these standards allow stocking densities up to 38kg per square metre.
They provide more space, perches, nest boxes, mats for scratching and places to sharpen claws.Prof Nicol found that hens in enriched cages suffered less stress and had fewer pecking and bone injuries than free range birds. Under the EU rules for free-range production, nine hens can be crammed into every square metre of floor space.Outside, the farmer must have at least 10,000 square metres of space for every 2,500 hens.

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