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Along with his fellow dairy farmers he has started the process of promoting Dairy farmers Producer Company I.e.
This farmer-producer organization is Ambala based and its sole purpose is to provide common facilities to dairy farmers like machines and veterinary services. Pen type housing system consists of 3 meters wide shed covered area for feeding purposes and protection from inclement weather like the sun, etc. Various factors affecting cost of construction of animal houses may be enumerated as below: 1.

Housing System: One should go for loose and open housing of the livestock for a maximum period of comfortable weather conditions. It is advisable to build a barn for 20 cattle or buffaloes in a single row system and for about 50 animals in double row system.5. They make the labor more efficient, reduce cost of production and provide opportunities to utilize crops and manures more efficiently.Judicious planning to earmark respective locations for each building is the crux of solving imminent and future problems in any livestock housing complex. Adoption of circular form of placement of buildings in a given area will permit minimum distance for approach roads, and thereby cut down on the cost of their construction.It would also give faster coverage of all buildings during the movement of men, vehicles and materials leading to efficient managerial operations all around.

Simply put, placing the building in different layout increases the cost of construction from 4 to 58%.

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