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This compact metal storage unit offers a stylish and practical way to secure garden tools and accessories. Ideal for housing garden machinery, tools and furniture, this high quality metal storette is the perfect addition to any garden.
High strength pent metal sheds feature a mono pitched roof making them the ideal solution for placing against walls and fencing.
This StoreMore Canberra shed features sliding doors for ease of access which can be padlocked together (not supplied) for security.
A modern alternative to the traditional timber shed, a quality metal storage shed will offer greater levels of security and durability thanks to the hardwearing pre painted external surfaces and high grade steel construction.
This shed is also coated in zinc to help protect it against rust or rot.This shed features double, twin sliding doors. This shed does not have any windows which helps keep your storage items out of sight and secure.
Store a range of garden items safely with the addition of this pent metal shed by Mercia Garden Products.
Pent metal shed featuring a mono pitched roof, double sliding doors and an pre painted finish in green and white.

This building has been manufactured using galvanised steel to prevent rust and significantly increase the life of your shed.
Available in a range of sizes, finishes and designs to suit your individual garden storage requirements, the addition of a metal shed to your home or garden will enable secure storage of essential tools, machinery and accessories in one convenient location.
Constructed from high grade materials and finished in a hardwearing paint, a pent metal garden shed will provide ample storage space for all your valuables and outdoor tools. This provides easy to access to the shed and also minimises space lost inside and outside the shed. Capable of providing a simple space to store all your garden items, this apex metal shed is great value for money.
This StoreMore shed is coated with 3 layers of paint to protect the galvanised steel core of each panel, providing long lasting protection from rust and the elements.
Featuring a low maintenance design, the shed is pre painted green and white for increased aesthetics whilst the lifting lid and double doors ensure ease of use. Featuring a pitched roof design to enable water to run off freely, the addition of a high quality metal garden shed to any outdoor location around your property will prove a valuable and worthwhile investment that will keep all forms of garden tools, machinery and accessories clean, dry and secure for many years. Apex roof metal shed manufactured to high standards for superior durability and protection against the elements.

This metal shed features ventilated gables to increase airflow within the building and help prevent condensation. Finished in green and white, the shed is both stylish and low maintenance and offers great value for money. Secure garden tools, machinery and valuables with ease using this high quality pent metal shed. Pre painted in green and white, the shed is low maintenance and easy to access via double sliding doors that can be secured with a padlock.
Suitable for housing medium to large garden items, this apex metal shed by Mercia Garden Products is sure to impress.

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