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The Somercote Wooden Garden Corner Arbour Seat by Grange has plenty of seating space to spare, and will transform a corner of your garden in to a functional and relaxing area. Why not sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and news about what's happening at Internet Gardener. The Somercote Corner Arbour features a diamond lattice on all of its sides including the roof, that will provide ample shade during summer and is perfect for training climbers.
The Artemis arbour seat is manufactured from pressure treated FSC certified timbers throughout. Then in the morning, following a night of entertaining, the arbour seat and tables fold back down again to offer a tranquil haven in which to enjoy your garden and chat over a coffee. Designed for relaxation in your garden with your family and friends, or just as a feature for you to admire.

With it's rounded lines, durability and superior design, the Ryedale range is ideal for any garden. Stylish and versatile, these arbour seats will enhance any garden into which they are placed. The delightful Artemis Arbor with it's spacious and comfortable seat provides shade out in the garden from it's fully boarded roof.This stylish, versatile timber arbour will enhance your garden and is designed for two adults for you to share some time together, or just for some 'ME' time.
The arbour received was disappointing in as much as the wood has splinters and splits easily! The driver was excellent, he helped us unpack and store the Arbour, as we were not in a position due to health matters to start the process of putting it together, however when last week when we went to put it together, although the instructions were clear, there is a matter with the instructions saying that the item is pre-drilled, this infact is NOT the case, my husband is partially sighted and has problems taking on jobs like drilling holes, we both suffer with Arthritus and struggle with DIY, we thought we would be able to do this between us but this is not the case.
I have been in contact with Store More Garden Buildings where it came from, after a couple of calls a manager called me, he understood the position and said he is going to have a word with his MD to see if they can come and put it together for us, I am still waiting to hear from him, if they will not do this for us we will have to employ someone to do the job !

We have your site on our favourites and we will always check if we need anything in the garden with your site.
If you did want to make this Arbour even more welcoming though, how about entwining in with a beautifully scented, flowering climber. Yes the product can be painted after assembly with a product such as Cuprinol garden shades or similar water based treatments.

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