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Published : 11.04.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Storage Bins
Tommy Walsh built his own workshop out of timber frame so we thought we might go for a similar build.
John is looking to post some plans in the future for anyone thinking of building their own workshop.
I chose to build the foundation walls using concrete blocks, which provide a level base for the timber frame to fixed to.  As soon as the blocks had gone off nice and hard I laid a 4 x 2 timber plate all the way around the perimeter and fixed using heavy duty screws and plugs. Sorry but we don’t actually have any plans to hand as I designed the shed around The Tommy Walsh model pretty much in my head and from a few hastily put together sketches.

Not sure if the rules are the same in every county so worth checking with your local authority first though. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Tommy Walsh built a full size template from a sheet of OSB plywood which if this is your first build is probably worth doing. Essentially you fix with screws to the timber plate and then drill, plug and screw to the inside face of brick or block base.

I find the easiest way is to take a long length of four by two timber long enough to stretch across the width of the base. When working out your sizes add an extra six inches to the actual size to be on the safe side as you don’t want your building sitting exactly on the edge of the base or it may crack the edge of the base over time.

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