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Elevation; Interior perspective view -- Design for a residential town building 2, Berlin, 1826.
Exterior and interior perspective views -- Design for a residential town building 3, Berlin, 1826.
Elevations; Interior perspective view -- Design for a residential town building 4, Berlin, 1826.
A front elevation design is basically a part of as scenic design which highlights the scenic element or the entire set as seen from the front view with or without measurements. Exterior elevations are the views of the various sides of a building from different angles. The architect or drafter shows the elevations of the various sides of the building in the architectural section of the plans.
Side elevations of a home plan are similar to those of front elevations, but are drawn from each side of the home which is drawn in a straight-on view. Interior elevations of this type are usually drawn for each wall in the building that requires special construction or special features on that wall.
I offer architectural services, including surveys, plans and structural measurements for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Most of the front elevation designs shows the measurements to get a better understanding of the building so that it can be drafted or quickly drawn by an architect. Architects label these elevations by right and left side, determined as if you were facing the home. Interior wall elevations usually are drawn from one adjoining wall to the other adjoining wall. Based in Taunton in Somerset, I provide architectural drawings and measured building surveys at attractive rates, working either directly for the client, or on a freelance basis for other architectural practices. My experience and attention to detail delivers high quality CAD prepared drawings with precise measurements, details and multiple elevations. Thus if the front elevation faces north, it may be called the north elevation, and the rear view would be called the south elevation. The doors, windows, and so forth are located at the same place on the elevation as on the floor plan. They normally show everything that will be located on the finished wall.The set of construction drawing includes interior elevations of the teller’s counter. Items shown include electrical outlets, chair rails, wall finishes, shelving baseboards, telephone outlets, and special wall-mounted devices such as safes.

Other architects simply identify the front, rear, and side views of the drawings without including the direction each one faces as part of the title. Types of windows and doors are drawn in detail so that the owner and the builder will know what they will look like. The windows and doors are also described in detail in the schedule section of the plans. Side elevations of a home plan are useful for showing windows and other home features, and they also show the home’s depth. These elevations,are drawn in conjunction with the floor plan so that all dimensions for constructing the cabinets are shown on one of the two drawings. An interior elevation of a wall of a bathroom might show built-in cabinets, mirror, lighting,toilet fixtures, electrical receptacles, and shelving.
The side view of the front and back porches helps contractors visualize porch size in relation to the home. Specific details are shown on interior elevations to help the builder know what the finished product should look like.

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