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Published : 12.10.2015 | Author : admin | Categories : Cabinet Plans
Overall this shed went together pretty well and even with the extra time shooting the videos it still only took about 3 days to complete.
For more specific wood stud wall framing instructions, see our video on wood stud wall framing. This shed has a metal roof instead of shingles and that was the subject of the fourth video. If you like what you see, stop by the forum here and let us know, or comment on the videos directly on YouTube if you have an account there. We didn't cover that subject in our shed video series since we already have a detailed instructional video on that.

Metal roofs have a long life span and are great on sheds, they are also pretty easy and quick to install.
You will notice as you watch all the other videos that certain other steps get completed off camera: house wrap, soffit and fascia, and vinyl siding. There are some special trim pieces needed to finish it off so be sure to watch the video for those and screws with rubber washers hold it all on secure.
They can add some extra cost to the shed budget but at about $360 , it is quick and easy to install. Here in the final video I touch on each of them and mention that we did not really show those steps because we already have other videos on our channel for you that cover these areas, so please check them out as well.

I did however show them in the very last video when I wrapped things up so go there for a look.

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