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A hip roof is a simple roof which slopes downward at all points and has a uniform angle of pitch. Measure the length of your common rafters, hip rafters and ridge beam allowing room at the end of the common rafters and hip rafters for the ridge beam to fit.
Mark along the walls the spots where the common rafters, hip rafters and jack rafters will be secured. Nail the hip rafters to the ridge beam and secure them to the corners of the walls using ceiling joists for extra support.
Leave extra room at the bottom edges of the sheathing so that the roof hangs over the walls. Remember to subtract the size of the beams when making all your measurements, so that, for example, your hip rafters do not run from the walls to the top of the roof, but from the walls to the bottom of the ridge board.
Do not secure the common rafters to the wall before nailing them to the roof beam as you may need to adjust their positioning along the wall after they are nailed in place.

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A simple hip roof slopes down on all four sides, tying the exterior walls together making for a sturdier building than a gable roof.
Ridge board is the uppermost part of the hip roof and is used to nail the common and hip rafters in place. Hip rafters are nailed at a 45 degree angle to the ridge board down to the four outside corners of the building. This is the type of hip roof where the main span is one pitch and the ends of the hips are a steeper pitch. This makes the ridge board longer, making the building appear larger, and the roof steeper than they really are.
Often combined with gables or other features, hip roofs are perhaps the simplest style of roofing and are good for draining water and avoiding leaf build-up.

On a simple roof over a rectangular building, there will be four hip rafters and one ridge board. Although most people build hip roofs from trusses (pre-made frames), it is possible to build your own hip roof from scratch. The ridge board runs along the top of the roof and where the common rafters and hip rafters meet. Measure this according to the length of your building and the length of the other rafters that will meet it.

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