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After nailing together the king, jack and cripple studs for the window wall, secure them to the plates and add the headers.
The best approach to building roof trusses is to use a jig laid out either on the shed floor or on a piece of plywood.Start by drawing a centerline across the plywood.
Popular MechanicsAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowWith the trusses in place, install siding on the gable ends and build the gable overhang from 2 x 4 blocking nailed along the rake of the roof.
There's a limit, after all, to the things you can squirrel away in your basement and garage.

To accommodate our sloped site, we built on solid concrete blocks set on compacted crushed limestone.Start by laying out and staking the four corners of the shed.
You can use scraps in place of a center stud.For the wall with the door, mark its rough opening on the plates. Material costs for our project came to around $2400.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowClick on link for high-resolution version of the plans.
If your site is sloped, set and level the blocks on the uphill side first, leaving 4 to 6 in.

Then, build the opposite long wall.On the window wall, space the studs from a center stud to suit the window openings. Then cut to the lines.With the bottom chord in place and centered, use your rafter square to mark the top angled cuts on two truss rafters, and make the cuts.

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