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All you need is some easy-to-follow instructions and a dream to build your own picnic table. John- I’d love pictures once you’ve turned that lumber into something fit for a picnic! I know we have a picnic bench that we look forward to bringing out from the garage this year!
Otherwise, the plans are great and saved us hours of mocking up (and probably mucking up) the table and benches. I built this years ago, so I don’t remember the exact price, but it was comparable to the wood picnic tables you see for sale at big box stores or lumber yards.
I’ve always wanted one of these classic picnic tables, and then I stumbled upon this! Compared with a stand-alone picnic table, a design with detached benches offers more versatility.
Equip yourself for impromptu picnics with the ultimate in upcycling—a vintage suitcase that can not only carry snacks and beverages, but also convert into a table at a moment’s notice.

Easier to build than it looks—and a minimalist complement to any outdoor living area that sports a modern vibe—this industrial-chic DIY picnic table involves two very different materials that, when united, manage to look elegant and perfectly paired. Prime your patio for pint-sized play by building this DIY picnic table, a scaled-down version of the classic design found in so many parks and yards, today as well as in years past.
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Because the pieces need not travel together, the table and benches can be put into service in different places, for different purposes. Here, a handful of pallets have been combined—with only slight modifications—to create a DIY picnic table.
Imagine the look on their faces you tell them you not only made all the food, but the table as well! I made a couple of modifications, making the table and benches a few inches longer, and using a whole lot more powertools than they suggest.

Then attach the brace with a lag screw through both legs and the brace, and a deck screw from brace to top of table. The simple, utilitarian design can be enlivened with the addition of paint in your favorite bold, summery hues. Though it has a relatively compact footprint, a picnic table provides plenty of seating, possibly even enough for every member of your crew.
If you still want to go with PT then build it and let it sit in the sun and weather for several months to dry it out, not using it, then paint it with an outdoor latex paint to seal the PT stuff inside.
Don't bother spending time and money shopping for a new table, when you can make one that's a individual and unique as you are.

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