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I had built a shed from a pre-cut kit once and helped frame and roof a barn with my dad about 25 years ago, so I thought that if I went slowly enough and looked up instructions with the Google machine frequently enough that I might be be able to pull off a shed of my own design. Once the roof and the walls are sheeted, cover all the outside surfaces with building paper. Overlap the building paper to that it wraps over the framing for your windows, especially at the bottom. 12' x 21 Coastal Modern-Shed - Modern - Garden Shed & Building - vancouver - by Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.

8x12 Coastal Modern-Shed - Modern - Garage And Shed - vancouver - by Westcoast Outbuildings Inc.
I made the total outside dimensions of the base 10 feet by 12 feet so that I could buy lumber from the building supply house already cut to the right length.
When the roof goes on the slope will shed rain quickly, but it’s still easy to walk on when you apply the roofing materials. When you have the framing built stand it against the outside back wall and lift it straight up until the weight of the piece starts to tip it level on top of your framed walls.

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