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The first step in learning how to build a tiny house is clearing the building site, should you choose to have a set location. Before you can building in your backyard or anywhere else, you will need to prepare the site, mostly by removing any vegetation, boulders, and small trees that are in your way.
Cut bushes down to ground level with a pair of pruning shears, and dig the roots up with a shovel the same way you would those of a small tree (below).
Once large trees are cut down, you can maneuver the logs around your building site with a hand-operated comealong.

On rough sites, this can be a formidable task but for a small building in your backyard it’s more likely to be quite straightforward. Rather than chopping down small trees and then getting rid of the roots, you can uproot them (below), then either dispose of them or replant them somewhere else on the site.
When the area has been cleared you can begin construction by laying whatever type of foundation suits the site and the structure you plan to build. Whatever your building goal, this book will teach you how to plan and build your structure from the ground up.

The following excerpts from chapter four, "How to Build a Tiny House," walks you through the steps of clearing a building site, including the safe way to fell a tree and removing stumps and roots. Release the tension mechanism on the comealong, remove the chain from the tree, attach it to another tree further along, and repeat the process as many times as necessary to move the log off the building site.

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