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A customer recently asked me if I would build a wood storage shed large enough to hold one cord of firewood.
My customer gave me free reign on the design, and I chose to build a simple open-faced, shed roof structure with clapboard siding and trim details that mimic the details on the Colonial farm style house and garage.
I measured a pile of wood that they told me was the equivalent of a cord and sized their new wood storage shed accordingly.
For our trim, we bought the large sheets of trim and ripped it on the table saw to the various sizes we wanted for our trim pieces. We  ran power to our shed so we can have lights inside as well as a porch light, which by the way is one of my favorite features! Ryan and his dad made some shelves for the other half of the shed… Storage up high and down low. We could all use extra space and a great way to add some storage without taking up valuable square footage within the home is by building an outdoor storage shed.

After all three walls are up, nail a few frames across the roof of the shed, as you will need a base for your roof. If you’re more of a visual learner, watch Rob Palmer of DIY Network as he constructs his own storage shed.
This meant that I could attach a ledger board off the garage wall, hang my floor joists from it, build two walls and a roof and call it a day. Once the wedge anchor bolts are tightened, wings inside the concrete anchor expand and compress against the walls of the concrete hole, securing the anchor in place and providing sheer strength. Details of this can be obtained through a homeowner's association, if you have one, or your county's building department.
Certain regulations may restrict you from building a storage shed too close to your fence or property line. You may need help lining up the walls or nailing the shed together, but building your own shed is a fun and inexpensive way to organize your home.

Check out our shed building cost estimator to see what it will cost to hire a professional contractor in your area. The floor joists were to run perpendicular to the garage wall and sit on a double outside rim joist that would attach to two 4×6 pressure-treated posts, both attached atop 10-by-48-in. The cost of a permit varies depending on the square footage of your intended project, but small outbuildings or sheds can be permitted for as little as $100. You may need to cut the corners of your pavers (can use a handsaw) to make sure they fit within your shed base and not show on the outside. Not only is it a nice chicken house, but it is combined with a great storage shed, and they both look so nice in Michelle’s yard!

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