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We are sharing about Web Designers detailed work with professional techniques how can design professional website designs using Adobe Photoshop, all professionals and beginners can learn a lot from these best ever collection of tutorials where famous tutorial writers sharing colorful and latest (web 2.0) tips and tricks about web layout designs, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great website design.
Hope you will all really like these creative and well designed website tutorials and also need your comments about our effort. In this Corporate Business Website Design Tutorial you will learn how to design a clean and latest trendy business website design for your desired business, we design in Adobe Photoshop which is really helping for these kind of designing and we helping those who want to design own website as latest trend web 2.0 designs, you may get even free source file for your personal and commercial use, if you have any question about this business website design tutorial you may ask in the comments. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a clean and simple watercolor design studio layout for a blog.
Watercolor in graphic design has become very trendy the last couple of years, many websites and incredible designers are using this style and taking it to another level.
In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple and clean wordpress style theme I call GreenPress (i know, not creative). In this tutorial you will learn how to make a layout for a css website gallery using Photoshop. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a clean corporate layout in Photoshop.
Before you want to start to create a new website, you need to think about how the website will earn revenue. I’ve seen and tried some of this tutorials before, now I am looking for ideas for my blog design – this list will be very helpful! For a while now I have been planning to create some FREE video tutorials to help inventors on a tight budget build their own website in order to sell and promote the product they have created.
This is the first in a series of blog posts that will explain how to use a free website template to build and publish a complete website.
But if you want a regular website such as a presentation of yourself or your company and you want complete control of both the design and the content, then it can be a good idea to start with a website template.
Thanks, that is the kind of comment which makes it worth the effort of writing tutorials and publishing templates! Thanks Andreas, wow, this tutorial really rocks, i agree with Angela R, was ready to give up first, but gave it another go, and i got it to work!
The original layout was created by kuntiz from ThemeForest and I want to thank him for allowing me to write this tutorial. Either you create a hobby website, or a commercial website, you need to think always at the revenue.

The video tutorials and site is finally done though it might still be a bit rough round the edges. In essence you will learn how to set up your own easy to update website without any technical knowledge and you will also learn how to add a simple Paypal button to sell your product.
The series will explain what a website template is, how you download a template, how you use code editing software to make changes in the template and add your own content, how you create multiple pages and add a navigation menu, how you make changes to the design and finally how you publish your website on an own domain so that the world can see it. To follow this tutorial as new posts are published, you can subscribe to the feed or follow Andreas on Twitter. It can be done using a variety of online services (free or commercial), or through different kinds of software (code editors or visual editors), or by hiring a web designer (professional or non-professional) to do it for you, or by using content management systems with different kinds of design themes – or by using website templates.
This is important since you want your website to work for everyone who visit it no matter how it is accessed. I just got a free website template and I was wondering what to do with it and your tutorial is a good place to start. This part of the tutorial will show you the HTML structure and the required scripts in a step by step tutorial.
Websites can be hosted on many different hosting services or on an own server, and accessed through a generic service URL or through an own domain name.
Building a website from one of the templates on this site doesn’t cost you anything, and the templates are built in a way that makes them easy to edit and easy to learn from. A website that is accessible for everyone and that is built using well-written code that follows modern web standards will also be easier to find using search engines, which is one of the most common ways of finding websites on specific topics and also an important factor if you build a business website and want your company to be found by potential customers.
Instead of bugging devs like me they can actually build very nice sites using your templates. Today, I starting reading your first tutorial and you can be sure that I will be following along and reading whatever you write. For a person who wants to build their first website, the many options can be a bit overwhelming.
A website template allows you to start with the one thing that is most important, the content of the website. Some parts of the tutorial will not be described in detail as it is assumed that you know how to e.g.
In this tutorial, I will you show you my own technique for creating this type of background.

And to make it even more confusing, each option has a wide range of quality levels, both regarding the user experience and the resulting website itself.
If you want to run an online store, then a e-commerce service or a content management solution built specifically for online stores may be a better starting point. I really appreciate your work and already shared your site with couple of people who want to build a site. Not to provide the perfect guide to building websites as it is virtually impossible to create a tutorial that is suitable for everyone, but rather to explain one of the many paths you can follow and hopefully provide some inspiration on the way. If you have any questions you can always use the comment section and I will try to help you.First of all let?s have a look at the basic structure of our website.
What it does is resetting the styling of all HTML elements so that we can start to build our own styling from scratch without having to worry about cross-browser differences. If you want you can also divide this CSS file into two and separate the basic layout styling from the rest of the stylesheet.If you look at the preview of our website and click on one of the small images in the main content section you will see that a larger version of the image will show up on top of the page. For the live version of your website you could combine all CSS and Javascript files into a single one. The main heading could be your website?s name or logo and the paragraph a motto or phrase describing the website. As you can see when you look at the preview of our website this area will contain a large jQuery image slider which changes the image every 6 seconds.
If you have problems deciding which heading to use on your website my recommendation is to try to use a heading structure with elements of the appropriate rank for the section’s nesting level. The reason I used an ID instead of a class for all the sections on the website is that I would like to be able to directly link to a specific part of the website (e.g. Create a figure element and add an image and a figcaption to it.If you move your mouse over the images in the website preview you will see that they will become dark and there will be a magnifier icon on top.
So in order to make sure every browser shows the website the way we want we need to choose every feature that we are using on our page and that might not work in some browsers (for example CSS Animations). I’ve been through the entire kit and while reproducing your website I have run into a small snag.

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