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Feathered friends and fulsome flora will thrive in this birdhouse with a green succulent roof. This is a straightforward woodworking project as there is, with simple butted and glued joinery and no tricky angles or curves, so don’t be afraid to dive in. Simple butt joints throughout this project make the parts easy to cut, but the parts don't really interlock and self-align the way they would with machined joints such as dadoes and rabbets. This beautiful wooden birdhouse project is adapted from the Lowe's website: Click Here and is appropriate for adults and older kids (supervised) with some basic carpentry experience. With your homemade birdhouse, you'll spend countless hours enjoying visits from regional birds.

Attach this simple-to-make birdhouse to a tree -- then watch the new tenants move in under drought-tolerant plants. Don't glue this connection, because you will have to remove the roof annually to clean the birdhouse before nesting season begins again. Quick-draining potting soil, such as a mix formulated for cactus, is the ideal growing medium for the succulents you will be planting. Before you begin, however, do a little research about the nesting birds common to your area and what kind of birdhouses they might prefer.
You’ll find a surprising range of variations, from the size of the birdhouse, the size and placement of the entrance hole, and whether to include a perch post.

Also, each species will have its own habitat preferences, so you’ll want to learn what sites might be best for the birdhouse and at what height it should be mounted.

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