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Using a guide as shown above in the right side drawing, I've found it easiest to just use a hand saw or back saw to cut the grooves for the plastic panels. After attaching the sides then slide the plastic panels down into the grooves all the way to the stops. Apply glue to the bottom of the feed bin and clamp in position, centered on the platform length, and with the sides flush.
Stand up the two side assemblies and position the front L and back M on the feed bin sides.

Set the now-assembled feed bin on the platform with the sides flush and the feed bin centered on the platform (Final Assembly). Set the roof in place and mark the locations of the holes on the roof where it will be secured to the roof supports. Reinstall the Lexan panels and attach the pipe flange, centering it on the bottom of the platform. Use a good outdoor wood and let your workmanship show through.Take down the feeder in the spring and summer as the birds will have plenty to eat.

Lay out the height of the front G and back H, then mark the angle cuts for three side parts of the feed bin.
Check out the great selection at Lowe's for feed specifically made for the birds in your region.

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