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An ideal solution for storing bikes of various sizes, this shed has double doors for easy access. This shed comes with the floor included.The Walton's Wooden Bicycle Shed is a quality and functional product designed primarily for bicycle storage. Leaving your bike outside without protection against the elements will drastically reduce it's life, with rust setting in it will become less reliable. Whatever your preference, give your trusty bike its own shed this year - you know it deserves one. The Bike Shed effect is when you spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing or debating about things which are not important (the bike shed) at the expense on taking action on that which is more important (the nuclear power plant).

This happens because more people have something to say about easy things (color of a bike shed) and less to say about harder things (like nuclear science). The bike shed effect is in almost every conversation where you ask people for general advice. If you want to take real action and move your projects or businesses forward, work on avoiding the bike shed effect. Alternatively, those that don't have space for garden sheds may wish to consider one of these bike sheds to store their essential gardening tools.
No conclusion on what color the bike shed should be was made that day despite spending more time discussing about it than the nuclear power plant.

Choose wooden or metal construction for your bike shed, or how about our unique nylon-polyester-fabric bicycle storage - more a bike tent than a bike shed! After 4 hours of debate, the meeting concluded with no decision on what color the bike shed should be.

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