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After my little bit of inspiration over the twin evils of a shed in the wrong place and a nasty little problem spot, there was no point hanging around really so I got out the tools and got to work. The tarp is because we managed to tear the (already gently rotting) roofing felt while we were moving it, but no matter, we have another roll in the shed which we’ll finish it off with next week.
It’s actually right opposite the shed, a little further down, and all I can do with it is hack it back periodically as nothing will grow there.
The bulk of the material for this shed has been reclaimed from either previous work on the house or stuff that was headed for the skip at work. The 3" by 2" used to frame the shed is scrapped studwork from one of the larger office units in our building, removed when the previous tennant moved on, and cross pieces from plasterboard pallets. Having all this timber meant that the shed could be a lot bigger than the 6'x8' that cost would have dictated the maximum size of a bought one and also bigger than the base I put down in anticipation several years ago.
After having a play around with the salvaged timber I began to build the shed up from a 12'x8' base frame.

The type of base you pick to make might depend on (a) land type, level or sloping location, (b) type of soil, sand or solid clay, such as drainage, (c) climate situations this kind of as really dry, hefty rainfall, severe frost or large winds, and (d) measurement of construction, large or little. A foundation produced of poured concrete or cement blocks to kind a wall beneath the perimeter of the drop may well be your best option for a huge creating or locations matter to poor drainage and severe weather conditions. For a smaller sized backyard garden sheds and exactly where the area is really stage, a slab of poured concrete on a number of inches of gravel or crushed stone tends to make a extremely strong and durable base. A easy base can be made by laying cement or sidewalk slabs on numerous inches of gravel to type the perimeter of the shed. Bear in mind, picking a backyard drop foundation is part of the preparing procedure, regardless of whether you program to buy a drop package or develop a backyard garden shed from scratch.
These were recycled from the paving slabs that were alongside the shed already, which seemed like a good idea until I realised how damned heavy they were. I inherited the shed with the garden, and as I was wittering on about recently, there were a lot of eccentric design decisions made by my predecessor in this garden – one of them being to place this shed plumb in the middle of the main view from the house.

It took the best part of a day to remove all the screws and nails but I was left with a nice big pile of timber. Despite my best efforts to get feather edge boards for nothing lack of time meant that I had to buy the bulk of them, along with 18x35mm sawn, treated timber for trimming joints and corners. The slabs will now be laid where the old shed was and I could add a handy large door to the end of the new shed.
Consequently, a base or foundation must be constructed before you begin to assemble the shed. In large windy areas the base must be anchored to the ground with heavy stakes or metal rebars.

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