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This basic picnic table design calls for five cutting patterns only, making it low-cost and easy to build.
We realize that not everyone has the time or the facilities to construct the "polygonal picnicker" described in Build a Hexagon Picnic Table. Picnic table plans - diy projects - mybackyardplans, Simple to follow picnic table plans, pictures with step-by-step instructions.. You can leave the table with no finish and it will weather a light grey, or you can apply a sealer a stain or paint.
Since we were building so many tables, no one managed to keep close track of the number, but it looks to have been over 40!

Before nailing these in place, measure the distances between the stretchers so again you are ensuring the table is square. Because the tables had to stand up to use by thousands of visitors, we were looking for durability, simple design, and low cost.
Make each four-piece unit by positioning a tabletop support and a bench support beneath two legs, as shown in the accompanying illustration, and nail the components together. Do this, placing the washers and nuts on the undersides of the joints (for the sake of appearance). Stand up the two frame ends, separated by a distance of 33 inches, and connect their top supports by nailing a 1?6 across their centers.
Now, attach two planks flush with the ends of the top supports, and then finish the eating surface by centering a board in each of the two remaining spaces.

Then carefully turn the unit upside down and attach the two 45° braces as shown. There it is: Your picnic table is complete!

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