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Hi John, sheds are fun, so many will jump in here to help and I'll let them address the leveling question.
A friend of mine built a walkway with 2x4 edging and filled the path with compacted gravel. I constructed a foundation like yours, adding the gravel in layers and compacting edge layer individually.
I would consider using those RR ties instead since they are almost indestructible and will probably outlast the shed!
Every Garden Building no matter what size will require a good Solid Level Area for it to sit on . You simply can NOT just put your new garden shed directly on to the Lawn or Grass , apart from not usually being particularly level it will immediately attract water directly into the Timber Floor of your new shed. All of which are jobs you can do your self or as part of our service we offer a Base Laying Service. Above shows a Timber Framed base being installed onto a substantial strip flagged and gravel  surround  base.There are lot of premonitions to this design , but fundamentally as long as it is solid and level is the Key. This type of base is more suited to Garden Cabin type structures as they them selves are generally a more expensive product.
The price is also only a guide as unless we can see the actual conditions it is Imposable  to quote and is based up on the ground being reasonable level with an Inch or 25mm .
If you are in doubt in any way please send us a photo of the area for us to asses the situation .
There are a number of ways this base can be undertaken all of which are controlled by ground conditions and the amount of budget you are prepared to spend on your gravel base . 10x20 a-frame wood storage sheds delivered on a gravel base that was recessed on the one end. We recommend making the gravel base 2' wider and 2' longer than the size of the shed you get giving you 1' on both sides and ends to help prevent dirt from splashing up on the sidewalls of the building.

This is a question we get asked occasionally about the specific storage shed foundation needed on any given property. Another option to help the gravel pad and this is more so for larger storage buildings would be to add a concrete pier below the frost line which varies from location to location depending on the county codes and then fill it in with gravel between and flush up to the top of the pier.
We do not recommend putting the sheds on blocks due to setting issues and lack of support the full length of the structure on all of the foundation skids.
The most important thing for a storage shed or garage just like a house is make sure it is built on a strong foundation. As every individual client has an idea of not only what they want, but how much they want to spend on a base . If you intend to buy a Log Cabin Style building we highly recommend this sort of base , it will allow air to be curculated and thus prolong the life of the building . The idea is that the remaining turf acts as an edging stoping the gravel from spilling over . And yes, there are certain circumstances where you would be better off with a concrete pad but most of the time this would be when you're buying a garage for sale to store a vehicle and not a shed for storage of mowers, garden supplies or household items which would not need to be placed on a concrete pad. If you're going to place the piers in the ground please contact us and let us know what size shed or garage you're getting so we can let you know the exact location of the pressure treated 4"x4" foundation skids.
Also we do not carry blocks on the delivery trailer so from that stand point we do not block the sheds. It is recommended that this gravel base is made slightly larger than the building it self which will allow any wage that drains of the roof to be soaked away . In most cases, when it comes to the foundation for shed construction, the crusher run will be slightly less money which all things being equal if your shed will be resting in a dry location would work fine, but this will kind of depend on your personal preference if moisture isn't a factor. A concrete slab is going to be way more expensive than a gravel pad, but this is not why we would say get a gravel pad. We do not level the sheds or garages so you will need to make sure that you either check to see that the garden shed foundation is level with a bubble string level or with a transit level.

While this is setting the lads will start fixing the cross members and braces suitable for that size of structure . The location of your storage shed foundation makes a difference when it comes time to choose the materials you are going to use.
However if you insist that you want your shed on blocks and if your shed is 10x20 size or smaller and if you provide the blocks and have them laid out prior to our arrival. One one base will ever be the same as ground conditions and location will determine these factors . You could place 6" of gravel down and get 6"x6" and frame out around the perimeter of the shed.
This is probably the most overlooked issue when it comes to garden shed foundation planning as many people will just kind of look it over with the eye and think looks pretty level without checking to see and true some people are really blessed with the gift of having an eye for that kind of stuff and some people have a good feel for seeing that it is level because they have a lot of experience with grading and leveling, but there are some, me included, that eyeball level it and just visit my display lot and you will see firsthand I have a couple of display sheds that I didn't plan on it but I now can first hand use as a bad pad example from the stand point of not being level and when you open or shut them the doors kind of rub either the top or bottom a little.
You will need to request a sketch of the location of the runners depending on the size shed you get. It is important to think about the type of shed foundations available and which one will work best for your property before you make a purchase online. Now all of the Amish built sheds and Amish built garages at Alan's Factory Outlet come with a 40 year pressure treated foundation and that is if you get it with a floor or without a floor. We will place the shed on the blocks however they will need to be placed level so the doors open and shut properly. After the order is complete, it is time to start looking for the right foundation for shed construction.

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