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Although our wooden sheds have a floor, we still recommend they are built on a suitable, solid and level base in your garden. The handy windowless design and padbolt increases security, keeping prying eyes away from the contents of the wooden shed.
System from cabinets, beginning underneath $one hundred outside of your wooden shed just like, you'll then. Concrete Concrete bases are probably best prepared by a professional, but they do offer a solid, level and permanent base for your shed.

Top tip: Lay plastic beneath your Portabase and fill with pea gravel to aid drainage and stop anything growing through and into your shed. Patio Your wooden shed can be placed on an existing patio, or you can lay a new one especially for it. Ecobase Specifically designed to provide a firm, durable and well-drained platform for garden buildings, the Ecobase is the ultimate base for your new shed.
Designed specifically for the storage of lawn mowers, the Overlap Mower Store is a uniquely designed wooden shed, boasting excellent features.

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